Use Our Workforce Selection Factor Guide

The ITN Workforce Selection Factor Guide gives you a roadmap to hiring success. Our hiring process combined with our data bases and your expertise provides you with clear direction for hiring success.  Align your efforts, avoid bias and achieve results with our Workforce Selection Factor Guide.


Know Who to Hire

Automate the Process

Know Who to Hire

Use the ITN data base with our hiring process and Workforce Selection Factor Guide to to ensure that you hire the right person for your open position.


Know How to Hire

Automate the Process

Know Who to Hire

Our structured interview process in combination with the ITN Academy gives you both the process structure and the training to comply with the law and make great hires.


Automate the Process

Automate the Process

Automate the Process

ITN technology gives you the insights you need to understand who you should be hiring and why.  The more you use our system the smarter it gets.  

Components of the Workforce Selection Factor Guide


Descriptive Statistics

The first step in the hiring process is to mesure your current hiring behaviors with numbers.  Who are you hiring?  Where are they comming from?  What is there perfomormance?  How is workforce performance measured.  Use this analysis to establish your workforce benchmark.


Attribute Profile

We use our data bases in combination with your experience and expertise to determine what attributes and skills are necessary to be successful in the job.  The attributes selected are then related to performance metrics in an algorithm.  AI algorithms tell us what combination of employee attributes contribute to performance and which ones detract.  


Online Interview Questions

Success Models are used to .create online interview questions that can be scored and analyzed.  Our platform allows for multiple question types and multiple question set.  The scored responses are automatically ranks and used to show the potential strenghts and weaksness of the applicant as compared to the Success Model. 


Skills Testing

At ITN our skills tests are here to help your organization easily identify the candidates that you want. The pre-employment tests are simple and customizable. Whether you need behavioral tests, cognitive tests, skill tests or a combination of all of them, our integrations can be modified to fit your testing needs. 


Structured Interview Questions

The ITN process structured interview provides you with standarized behavioral and situational interview questions designed to assess the candidate on the range of qualitities determined in the attribute profile.  Ultimately the structure interview leads to better hires, a faster, more effiecent process and less bias. 


Interview Scorecard

In order to create a standarized hiring process with which to evaluate job candidates, you have to create a scoring system.  ITN interview scorecards are used rate an applicants fit relative the defined success factors.  in the hiring process, each interviewer completes a scorecard for each candidate.  Applicant strenghts and weaknesses along with composite scores are compared to determine the best fit.

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