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The Artificial Intelligence Advantage

Monitor Your Performance and Improve

Hiring the right person requires a holistic view of numerous attributes.  Our extensive databases provide you with the candidate qualities that are needed for your open positions. 


Monitor Your Performance and Improve

The Artificial Intelligence Advantage

Monitor Your Performance and Improve

Our ATS captures all your data related to both online interview question and test scores. When combined and related to performance metrics you can easily identify your hiring strengths and weakness. 


The Artificial Intelligence Advantage

The Artificial Intelligence Advantage

The Artificial Intelligence Advantage

 Data from your recruiting and hiring efforts are uploaded into our Workforce Intelligence Platform (WIP) where they are related to other factors such as onboarding and training needs, career planning and retention.  

The ITN Hiring Success Solution


Measure the Job

 The first step in the ITN Hiring Process is to define what positon success looks like in your company. This is accomplished by gathering data on key performance metrics related to the specific job. Each company will have its own performance metrics uniquely related to its jobs. All performance metrics are to be objective, numeric values such as tenure, attendance, sales, miles driven and so on.  ITN experts can prepare the position descriptive statistics to help set the norm and expectations.


Benchmark the Position

 Step two defines what attributs are important to success in the position. Attributes will vary depending on the position but may include factors such as education, prior experience, behaviors, motivators, skills and general mental ability.  You can use the ITN data bases or have us measure your job specifics directly. .


Create the AI Model

 Once we have collected both the key performance metrics and benchmark attributes of our workforce, we can relate them using artificial intelligence methods. AI can tell us what combination of employee attributes contribute to performance and which ones detract.from performance.  Models then become the basis of applicant evaluations.  


Verify the Fit

Using the Success Model attributes, applicants are evaluated using a number of methods including online interview questions, skills testing, assessments and structured interview questions.  ITN can help you develop your online questions, define the skills tests needed and create structured interview questions, all aligned to model predictions. 


Quantify Performance and AI Optimize

The ITN Applicant Tracking System is highly advanced.  Our capabilities automatically match your job needs to candidate qualifications.  We use your job performance data to advance your insights and capabilities for the prioritization of candidates.  The more you use the systems, the bigger the data set and smarter the system. Let us help automate and enlighten your hiring process. 

ITN Hiring Process


Job Performance Measures

The ITN Hire process relates employee attributes in aggregate to their performance metrics.  The first step in the process is to understand what success looks like.  We accomplish this by creating benchmarks using specific KPI's related to a job. Each company and job will have its unique performance metrics.  When collected the data is analyzed to provide standards to measure against.  

Required Job Attributes

The next step in the process is to establish the attributes of the workforce.  This is accomplished by referencing the ITN databases or by giving a combination of tests and assessment to a sample of the workforce population.  Numerous factors are considered including education, prior experience, behaviors, motivators, general mental abilities, and job skills. 

The Job Success Model

The job success model then relates the initial attribute measures to the KPI's using an algorithm.  This serves a baseline which is optimized over time as the database grows.

Online Questionnaire

The Success Model Insights of desired attributes are translated into online interview questions.  The online interview questions are used to provide insights into the potential strenghts and weaknesses of the applicants.  Applicants are prioritized for review based on their fit to desired attributes using a ranking system. 

Skills Verification Tests

Some positions require specific skills to be successful.  ITN has a range of skills test that can be used to test the applicants. The skills testing process is automated with reports that are built into the ITN Hire software platform.


In addition to skills testing ITN provides a range of assessments that can be used to evaluate psychometrics and attitudes that are important to the position. 

Structured Interview Questions

Customers have questions, you have answers. Display the most frequently asked questions, so everybody benefits.  After applicants are prioritized and tested (if needed) you now have information and insights to help your interview process.  As such, structured interview questions provide a uniform script of questions.  The question chosen are directly related to the attributes and skills required for the position.  Additionally, an evaluation scoring guide is provided to assure fair and uniform standards.

Interview Score Card

Scorecards contain the subject area ratings derived from the structured interview questions.  Interviewers use a provided scoring rubric to enter their score for rating how the candidate responded. 

Hiring Manger Star Rating

Hiring managers then translate the scorecard values into a "Star Rating" that is captured on the ITN Hire Platform.  The platform aggregates interview scores and provides an overall rating based on all of the interviewers' input. 

Post Employment Evaluation

Data from the online interview questions, testing, assessments, and star ratings are ultimately related back to the hired candidates' actual performance.  The data uses ITN Hire artificial intelligence programs to find insights and optimize the hiring process and results. 

Sample Workforce Selection Factor Guide

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