Let Data Analytics be Your Partner

Our Workforce Intelligence Platform is exceptionally powerful.  Upload workforce data from all of your platforms and relate them to your performance measures.

The Benefits of Artifical Intelligence


Automate Your Process

Replace manual tasks with our software automation.  Then upload and analyze your data.  Our software systems manage data analysis with ease.  We relate your hiring data to your peformance metrics to locally validate our insights.


Self Learning Systems

The more you use the system the smarter it gets.  As you build your database of selected applicants and users, their resulting performance metrics the system learns.  It captures data to help you find and identify the right person for the right job. The more you use the system the smarter it gets.


Cost Effective

Our state of the art technology platform is more affordable than you think.  ITN offers a range of plans to fit every budget.  Choose and pay only for the services you want.  Our Free Trial Programs makes the evaluation of our services easy.  Our support programs are second to none.  


Let Us Help You Model Your Data

We are data experts with plenty of expertise in machine learning, statistics, psychometrics, and business.  Our scientific approach to managing workforce data is unsurpassed.  Call us to learn more and see if we can provide you with Workforce Solutions. 


Learn with AI

Automatically - Get Smarter

Use Insights to Improve

Directly relate your workforce management data including hiring, training and management to your own unique performance metrics using AI. 


Use Insights to Improve

Automatically - Get Smarter

Use Insights to Improve

Use the AI insights generated from your workforce studies to manage all aspects of your workforce:  Hiring, Onboarding, Training and Management. 


Automatically - Get Smarter

Automatically - Get Smarter

Automatically - Get Smarter

Have the ITN Workforce Intelligence Platform upload data from your HR platforms then relate the data to performance metrics.  The more data, the smarter the system.  It's automatic and that simple.. 

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